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“PENOPLEX SPb” increase annual output in Novomoskovsk by 20%

The plant “PENOPLEX SPb” in Novomoskovsk, Tula region increased production capacity, the press service of the company. This was made possible by the modernization of the extrusion unit based on the innovative method of the company. The increase in capacity will allow the production site, equipped with three modern technological lines, to increase the total annual output by 20%.

“Today, the plant in Novomoskovsk is the largest in Europe for the production of thermal insulation from extruded polystyrene. The company takes the leading positions in this segment of the market of thermal insulation thanks to high culture of production, the modern equipment from the best producers of Germany, and careful quality control at all stages of production and realization of production”, — it is noted in the message of the company.

It is also reported that throughout its activities, the company “PENOPLEX SPb” has been steadily carrying out its mission of continuous development in the field of production and promotion of polymeric materials in Russia. The company pays special attention to the safety of customers and uses only proven primary raw materials in production, not following the example of some unfair competitors who use unsafe waste for the manufacture of products.

Reliable and high-quality thermal insulation PENOPLEX is in high demand among consumers, because it has excellent thermal protection properties, zero water absorption and high strength. The material is safe for human health, environmentally friendly, bio-resistant, easy to install and durable. All this provides not only heat savings, but also a comprehensive protection of insulated building structures from the negative effects of the environment.