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Stops from polymers plan to build in Volgograd from materials of local producers

The head of Volgograd Vitaly Likhachev got acquainted with the developments of the Volgograd enterprise for the production of structures made of polymeric materials, the press service of the regional administration. Modern technologies used by local producers, the municipality plans to use for the construction of stopping points.

Now the city authorities consider various options of execution of stopping pavilions, being guided, first of all by capacities of local producers. When choosing the technology, aesthetics, reliability, safety, durability and cost of the materials used are evaluated.

“We have already updated about 90 stopping points. This work should be continued, — said the head of Volgograd Vitaly Likhachev. — 100 pavilions will be set annually. First of all on those highways where the greatest number of public transport routes passes”.

In Volgograd the system of work on the installation of stopping pavilions ceased in the Soviet times. The city authorities resumed it only in 2017 in accordance with the tasks outlined by the Governor Andrei Bocharov: one of the priorities of the long — term strategy for the development of the region is the formation of a comfortable environment in the cities.

“To make a decision, it is necessary to understand what types of pavilions manufacturers can offer us. Preliminary designs will need to be discussed with the architectural community, — said Vitaly Likhachev. – Be sure to take into account the opinion of Volgograd. Today, the plant management offered to install its pavilion made of fiberglass, as a sample at one of the stopping points”.

Modern composite materials made of fiberglass have high strength characteristics and today are in demand all over the world, including in the military industry.