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The Union of chemists is concerned about the shortage of raw materials for the production of BSC

The Russian chemists Union appealed to the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation with a request to find a solution to the problem of shortage of raw materials for the production of “Bashkir soda company” (BSK), said “RIA Novosti” President of the Union Viktor Ivanov.

Earlier, a source in BSK informed that the company may stop production after 2022 due to lack of raw materials. According to him, today the company does not have an alternative Deposit of limestone, suitable for chemical properties for the production of soda. The only possible source of raw materials — mount Tra-Tau-has a special status, which does not allow to start its development.

“A lengthy discussion and seek solutions to ensure BSK raw materials not produced results. Further delaying the way out of this situation can cause certain disruptions in the development of the entire Russian economy, since soda is the raw material for a large number of products that ensure the national security of the country. The Union of chemists in its appeals to the government supports the acceleration of the search for a solution to the raw problem of the Bashkir soda company. It is important to prevent negative consequences for the Russian industry”, — said Ivanov.

The appeal of the Union says that mount Tra-Tau was originally a promising resource for the further supply of raw materials to the plant, but later by the decision of the authorities of Bashkiria received the status of a protected natural area.

The Union added that the work of 58 Russian glass, 25 metallurgical plants, 51 chemical enterprises, 6 pulp and paper mills depends on the activities of the BSC. Consumers of soda ash produced by BSC are 264 industrial enterprises of Russia.

Joint-stock company “Bashkir soda company” (enters into group “Bashhim”) was formed in may 2013 through the merger of JSC “Soda” and JSC “Kaustik”. The company ranks first in Russia and Europe, sixth in the world in the production of soda ash and baking soda, and is one of the leaders in the production of caustic soda and PVC in Russia. Production, besides Russia, is delivered to other countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.