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Rostec will invest RUB 3 billion in the development of industrial 3D printing

Holdings Aviacenter of the state Corporation “rostec” — JDC, “Helicopters of Russia”, “Technoceramica” and CRETE — a “MMPP named after V. V. Chernyshev” (part of United engine Corporation), the Centre of Additive Technologies (TSAT), is equipped with advanced machines. According to the press service of the state Corporation, the main task of the center will be the introduction of industrial 3D printing in high-tech industries. The planned revenue of the TSC for the period 2018-2027 is estimated at 13.2 billion rubles, and the profit from sales is more than 3.6 billion rubles. Additive technologies, or industrial 3D printing technologies — one of the most dynamically developing areas of “digital” production, which allows applying a new approach to the creation of the product, to reduce the number of parts of the design, to reduce the weight of the product by 25%, the production time twice, and the cost reduction can be up to 44%. For development in this direction, rostec will invest almost 3 billion rubles in the creation of a specialized center in the “MMP named after V. V. Chernyshev”.

“Industrial 3D printing is becoming one of the mandatory attributes of modern industry. We see the high potential of this technology and introduce it into our production practice. For example, in the UEC today by additive technology is made about three tons of parts per year. Holding intends to apply them in serial production of advanced gas turbine engines that are certified in 2025 — 2030. The creation of a specialized center will expand the scope of application of this technology and produce parts for industries such as aircraft, space, high — tech medicine, automotive industry”, – says the industrial Director of the aviation cluster of the state Corporation “rostec” Anatoly Serdyukov.

The center will provide customers with a full range of services: from design to serial production and product certification. The purpose of the work of the CAT will be to reduce the time to market new high-tech products. The center will carry out orders not only for Rostec holdings , but also for a wide range of third-party companies, including foreign ones. According to the calculations of the project participants, the first pilot batch of parts will be manufactured in the center in 2019. In the future, the center aims to become a leading integrator of complex solutions in the field of additive technologies for all customers. In addition, the CAT will attract international experts to implement the most advanced solutions in the field of additive technologies.