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Symposium ” Polymer industry: Innovations. Efficiency. Resource saving ” this fall in Samara

XI-th international Symposium “Polymer industry: Innovation. Efficiency. Resource saving” will be held September 25-27, 2018 in Samara exhibition center “Expo-Volga” in the framework of the Industrial salon-2018. The organizer of the Symposium is” Interdisciplinary research and production center ” (MNPC).

To date, participation in the Symposium has already been confirmed:

Alex Kataev, industrial design Studio ART-UP, the report “Influence of the shape and design of the product on production economy. Analysis of 2 cases on innovative developments in the field of industrial design”.
Mikhail Bezhanishvili, inter-Industry Association of producers and consumers of the polymer industry market, report “Accounting of foreign economic activity”.
Rustam Deberdeev, chief researcher at KAZAN state technical University, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, laureate of state prize of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, the report “New heat-resistant polymers”.
Yuri Khakimullin, chief researcher of KNRTU, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, report “Sealants based on elastomers and reactive oligomers for the production of double-glazed Windows.”
Timur Deberdeev, head of the Department of KNRTU, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, report ” New challenges and solutions in plastics recycling. From collection and sorting to the final product.”
Vsevolod Abramov, Professor, doctor of technical Sciences; Natalia Mikhailovna Chalaya, Ph. D., associate Professor, but “Union of plastic processors”, with the report”Organizational and technical aspects of the secondary use of plastic waste in Russia”.
Igor Skopintsev, Moscow Polytechnic University, the report “Experience Pospolitego during design-centric learning system”.
And Marina Stramkowskaya, the company “Alliance-Composite”; Anna Dautova, the Corporation “TechnoNIKOL”; Denis Kotikov, the company “UNIKOM-Service”; Nicholas Priporov, “Solan-D”.
Event program:

26-27 September
Plenary session: Polymer industry in Russia and in the world.
– State and prospects of development of plastics processing industry in Russia.
– Development of raw materials base in Russia. Competitiveness of Russian producers of raw materials.
– State support for the polymer industry. Special program.
– New polymer materials. New properties of polymer products.
– Development Revolution 4.0 in Russia
– Trends in polymer engineering.

Work in sections:
– Extrusion technology
— Injection molding. (Equipment, tools, materials)
— Recycling of polymers in Russia and in the World.
– Production of equipment for the polymer industry: Asian, European and Russian manufacturers.

September 27th
Business excursion program for the polymer industry of the Samara region.

The organizer of the event invites you to participate in the annual industry Symposium as a speaker or participant. For more information, please contact the project coordinators: Inna Artemenkova, direktor@mnpc.ru; Khuzyagaleeva Aliya, info@mnpc.ru; tel.+7 (846) 205 96 01, 33 66 770, 34 17 174.