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Nucleator-clarifier CLP (additive) consists of P – base and nucleating agent. The concentrate is designed to increase the transparency of polypropylene products in the process of their manufacture. The introduction of the clarifier in polypropylene leads to the formation of a more perfect crystal structure, which increases the heat resistance of polypropylene, allows to intensify the processing of polypropylene by reducing the cooling time of the product in the form.

The use of nucleator concentrate provides a better distribution of the clarifier in polypropylene and, therefore, more transparent products are obtained at a lower concentration of the clarifier. The introduction of nucleator possible in extrusion, injection molded products. The mode of processing of polypropylene with addition of nucleator does not differ from the modes of processing of pure PP.


Name of indicator


Appearance, color

Granules of natural color

Mass fraction of granules 2-6 mm in length and width,%, not less


Polymer matrix


MFI, g/10min. at 230 C

0.1- 35

Active substance content %


Bulk density, g/cm3

0.5 – 0.6

Method of use: nucleator-clarifier CLP easily dissolves and mixes, odorless.

Application: nucleator-clarifier CLP is used to increase the transparency of all types of polypropylene products: various films, injection and blown products, sheets, tubes, containers, etc.

Recommended amount of input: depending on the grade of polypropylene from 1 to 2%. The specific dosage depends on the wall thickness of the product and the brand of raw materials used.

Packing: in polypropylene bags of 15 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life: 1 year