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The eliminator odor and moisture ADDITIVE FUNCTIONAL CO-PLAS DC

Functional CO-PLAS DC additive is an innovative product that is intended for use in the production of polymer products using primary as well as secondary materials. It is used in the formation of products on the surface, as well as in the inner layers and in the mass of such defects as: microfractures, “lenses”, “fish eye”, “shark skin” on the film, “caverns” on the pipe and castings, as well as “boiling” to form porous structures in the presence of residual moisture and volatile compounds. We offer you an effective solution to these problems.

Used for all kinds of polymers (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, HM, PP, ABS, PA and PVC). This additive can be used for all types of processing of polymeric raw materials.

The product includes a high-quality binding agent that chemically binds molecules of polymer, filler, pigments. In addition, the production tests of additives have shown the effectiveness of its use in the processing of polymer waste contaminated with organic impurities and flexo.

The use of functional additives does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of products, does not change their color, does not affect the printing. The additive has an additional stabilizing effect on polymers when working with PVC. The additive can be used for products in contact with food.

The use of functional additives is made by entering into the mixer of any type of equipment from 0.5 to 3%, while the raw material is processed at standard modes of obtaining these products. Thus, the mode of operation of the equipment remains unchanged.

Recommended amount of input: selected individually depending on the type of processed material, its moisture and contamination.

The additive should be stored in a cool place protected from moisture in a hermetically sealed bag.

The finished mixture containing a functional additive should be used immediately after preparation.

If the storage conditions are met, the shelf life of the functional additive is 12 months.

Packaging: in polypropylene bags of 25 kg on pallets of 1200 kg.